Kids Karate Xtreme Jiu-Jitsu

Karate Xtreme Jiu-Jitsu is the first program of it's kind that incorporates the most effective striking and grappling techniques of Isshinryu Karate and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Students are taught traditional values and rank in both of the martial arts. These traditional values instill confidence, pride, and strength which are life virtues that extend far beyond the individuals self defense skills. 

KXJ kids are disciplined martial artists that are instructed in a way that reinforces fun, teamwork, and friendship. We build BULLYPROOF Kids!

At KXJ we believe that a person must be able to defend an attacker, bully, or abuser from any standing or ground position and apply their defense in real life situations. KXJ ensures a complete self defense system that has fused the arts creating a hybrid martial artist that can apply these skills in life and competition.

This revolutionary double ranking system incorporates experts from three different schools of martial arts and creates a true fusion of these systems in a friendly team oriented environment. Karate Xtreme Jiu-Jitsu is under the affiliations of Master Aldo Panazolla 7th degree black belt (Isshinryu Karate - KRFMA) and Master Carlos 'Caique' Elias 7th degree red/black belt (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - CJJ) and direct instruction from Sensei Matt Jordan (Pre-emptive Strike MMA), Sensei Sean LaBute (Pre-emptive Strike MMA) and Sensei Jeff Robert (Caique Jiu-Jitsu Windsor).

Karate Xtreme Jiu-Jitsu, Pre-emptive Strike MMA, Caique Jiu-Jitsu Windsor and Karate Rocks FMA invite you to come join us for your free trial or talk with one of our friendly instructors for more information or a tour of our facility.


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