Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructors

Black Belt Jeff Robert     Head Instructor

Started training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in August 2003. Jeff's life changing adventure began at Mizudo Academy of Martial Arts located in Dearborn Michigan, under the watchful eye of Red and Black belt, Master Carlos "Caique" Elias. He is especially proud to be associated with Team Caique, as Master Caique has always implemented a strict guideline for his affiliated instructors and their student, where many others have swayed. He has since continuously trained closely with our affiliate Caique Black Belt instructors Professor Harvy Berman, Professor Brandon McDaniel, and Professor Angelo Popofski from the highly reputable and well respected, Warrior Way Martial Arts, located in commerce Twp Michigan. Jeff has successfully competed in several Jiu-Jitsu tournaments across Michigan. Jeff's love for Jiu-Jitsu led him to open his own Academy , Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy of Windsor/Caique Jiu Jitsu Windsor (TEAM CAIQUE) in December 2006. Jeff is currently perfecting his skills and teaching at Caique Jiu-Jitsu Windsor. He has worked as a Detroit Police Officer for 15 years and is currently assigned to the Detroit Police Training Academy where he teaches the survival aspects of Jiu Jitsu self-defense to new recruits and in service officers.  Jeff is also a certified Gracie Survival Tactics Instructor.  Jeff has had the experience of applying many Jiu-Jitus techniques in real life situations. The techniques along with control aspect of JIu-Jitsu have unquestionably helped keep him safe on the streets of Detroit. Teaching Jiu-Jitsu from real life experiences, is a huge advantage that Jeff's students are able to uniquely benefit from. His passion for Jiu-Jitsu has enabled him to pass the art onto other people, so they too can also receive the incomparable rewards that he has. Jeff takes great pride in having created an environment where a new student can learn safely, and provide necessary challenges for an experienced student to excel to their full potential.

Steve Raheb

Steve is a Caique Jiu-Jitsu purple belt and is highly dedicated. Steve has competed in several tournaments and also assists our students by coaching during competitions. Steve's experience in Jiu-Jitsu and his natural teaching ability has made a huge positive impact on our students and our academy.

Master Caique

About Master Caique: "Outside my family Caique, I can say that you are the best student here." - Grand Master Helio Gracie

and Black Belt Master
Considered one of the best Jiu-Jitsu instructors in the world Master Caique has more than 35 years of experience. He has trained with Grand Master Helio Gracie and his sons. Master Caique won the Brazilian Nationals, which is the biggest tournament in the world multiple times in his competing days. Maser Caique is the Maser Instructor and oversees all of the programs at Caique Jiu-Jitsu. Master Caique has built the Caique Jiu-Jitsu network, which consists of 15 assocaiated schools in the U.S. and Canada and teaches seminars all over the world.
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